Every once in a while it’s a good idea to get a reality check and remind ourselves what not to do. A great way to do this is to visit reco.on.ca. Once there, click on https://www.reco.on.ca/RegistrantSearch. At the top of that page, you will find Regulatory Activities and Decisions. By clicking there, you will find cases resulting in provincial charges, provincial convictions, revocations, suspensions, and refusals, and discipline decisions. I recommend you check this out so that you can get a sense of the importance of complying with The Act.

For example, one brokerage was fined $32,000 and a broker from that brokerage was fined $6400 because they employed someone who was not registered to carry out duties that require registration. They likely had an unregistered (unlicensed) assistant either make cold calls or show properties, or both.

In another case, the Registrant falsely stated on his renewal application that he had completed the Continuing Education courses, when in fact he had someone else complete the courses on his behalf. He was charged and fined $4800 and Reco proposed that his registration be suspended.

These are but two of many cases found on Reco’s website. Although you may wish to be famous, this is probably not where you want to make your mark. If you appear there, you will have a 5 year residency. It is very different, however, from Celine Dion’s gig in Vegas.

Remember-the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.